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Ad Criticism
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Ah, so this is just like the name says. An undeveloped manifesto, likely to change:

Ads try to stay under the radar. But there is no reason why they shouldn't be held to the same sort of searching analysis and criticism that other forms of media are subjected to. I mean, they should probably be subjected to even more analysis, because they are sneaky bastards, trying to convince us to do something, part with our money no less, and try to do it without us even thinking that they are responsible. if i am going to be influenced i might as well understand what is going on, and support companies that produce good ads. i mean, ads aren't going away. around here, we need to buy things from big companies, however unappetizing that may sound. so we might as well lay into the ones that are lame in an attempt to raise the standards altogether. and it's fun. ok 1, 2, 3, go...

so what is the aim here. basically, if you really like a commercial say why you like it. if you don't like a commercial, say why you don't. if there are crucial links missing in the commercial's chain of logic, explain it. even if there aren't crucial links missing, it might be interesting to lay the commercial's logic bare nonetheless. i've been doing this in my livejournal for the better part of six months now, off and on, and i thought it would be fun to open the debate up to everyone. ok awesome.